"Refresh All" Command on Access Menu

We noticed the other day that using me.refresh or me.requery in VBA code didn't solve a refresh issue with an Access form with lots of subforms the same way that just hitting the "refresh all" button on the built-in Access menu did. I searched on the internet for a VBA command equal to "refresh all" and couldn't find it. A lot of guidance on the internet seems to imply that the VBA command me.refresh is the same as hitting the "refresh all" button on the menu. But in my case it wasn't having the same effect. So, finally, I just decided to use the following VBA code:

SendKeys "+({f9})"

The VBA sendkeys command is try a way to actually issue keystrokes to click on "refresh all" button.

This solved my refresh issue in a way that using all difference combinations of me.requery or me.refresh didn't.