Which contacts in Microsoft CRM get synched to my Outlook?

By default, when you install the Outlook add-on to Microsoft CRM, only the contacts in Microsoft CRM that you own are automatically synchronized with your Outlook. You can change that.

In Outlook, go to the CRM menu bar and then select Outlook Filters. You will see the default filters that determine which data is synchronized between your CRM and Outlook. See the one called "My outlook contacts"? Double click on the My Outlook Contacts and a screen will come up that allows you to edit the logic. Just edit the logic if you want to synch more contacts than just your own.

If you remove all the logic in this filter, it will synch all contacts. Which is fine. The first time it runs the synch (the synch happens every 15 minutes) it may take a few minutes depending on how many contacts you have.