Using CRM marketing lists


Starting with Microsoft CRM 2011, Microsoft CRM has 2 types of marketing lists:

* Static marketing lists - you manually maintain a list, person by person

* Dynamic marketing lists - you build a list using search logic.

A dynamic Marketing List allows you to define parameters which displays records based on your criteria. For example, you could define a criteria to display all Account records from "Consulting" Industry. When a new Account is created and has the Industry value set to "Consulting", CRM automatically displays that in your dynamic Marketing List.

To Build A Dynamic Marketing List

1. Navigate to the Marketing Lists menu choice in CRM.

2. Click New to create a new marketing list. Fill out the information required on this screen to create a new marketing list. Make sure you specify the "type" of dynamic. Hit save.

3. From the menu on the left, click on the "Marketing List Members" menu choice. From the menu on the top of the screen select the "Manage Members" button and the standard CRM query screen will come up so that you can build a query to specify which members are automatically included in your new marketing list.

4. Often, the key to being able to build a good dynamic marketing list is having a good way to classify your records (accounts, contacts, leads) the way you want to. For example, if you want to build a dynamic marketing list of your "hot prospects", the key is to have a field in your Contacts screen that you are using to specify whether someone is a hot prospect or not. Or if you want a dynamic marketing list containing your "vendors", do you have a field in the Contacts screen that specifies whether someone is a vendor or not?

Practice Exercises:

1. What dynamic marketing lists would you like to build?

2. For each dynamic marketing list, what field can you use or setup in the Accounts or Contacts screen so that your dynamic marketing list will work?