Adding a GP modified form to a VSTMenus project

To use a Dynamics GP modified form in a .net VSTMenus project, you must run a DAG.exe utility program from a command line. This DAG.exe was installed when you installed the VSTMenus software code.

1) Go to a command prompt

2) Run this:

cd\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP 2013 vs Tools SDK\

dag.exe 0 "c:\program files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\Gp2013\Dynamics.set" /F /N:Dynamics

3) This creates two files:


Application.Dynamics.ModifiedForms (an XML document)

4) Copy these 2 files from the "GP 2013 vs Tools SDK" folder into your main GP application folder (typically c:\program files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\Gp2013).

5) These 2 files will also need to be copied to every PC running Dynamics GP.

See for more on the DAG.exe utility.