Unable to change an inventory item to enable lot tracking

If you try to change an existing inventory item to be lot tracked in Dynamics GP, and you get this error message:

"Quantities of this item still exist in WIP. You cannot change the tracking method of this item."

You will only receive this message if you are using the GP manufacturing module.

This occurs because you have some manufacturing orders that didn't fully clear WIP. You can see all MOs that have WIP by going to SMARTLIST and then going to "Manufacturing" and then "work in process". If you have any records in WIP for the item you are trying to change the lot tracking on, you will get the above error message.

Are any of these records legimate or not? Some of these records will relate to open MOs you have that are in process. But some may be for MOs in the past that somehow didn't clear or weren't processed right. For the legimate MOs that are in process, you must fully process the MO in GP before you can change the lot tracking.

For the "old" or corrupt records, we went into the Dynamics GP database to fix. If you go into the Dynamics GP database, and run this query, you will see the WIP records:

"Select * from MOP1000".

Can you systematically identify the "old" or "bad" ones? We just ran a delete statement on this MOP1000 table and deleted the records in this table that we had determine were old, bad records. We were then able to change the lot tracking on the item.