Management Reporter Data Mart missing Transactions

Occasionally the Management Reporter Data Mart may not pickup up GL Transactions. This can happen for a variety of reasons. The Solution is to rebuild the datamart.

Log into the Management Reporter server using a windows login for a user who has administrator rights in Management Reporter

On the Management Reporter Server open the Configuration Console

Click on the Desired ERP Integration and click the Disable Integration button

Stop the Management Reporter Application and PRocess Server

Click Remove to remove the selected ERP Integration.

Add a new ERP Integration. Select File>>Configure

Select the appropriate ERP System Data Mart and click next

Under the GP System Database Configuration section fill in the SQL Server name hosting the Dynamics GP databases

Enter a Dynamics GP login for the user name and password (this user name must have been granted access to each company database. Aslo it requires the db_datareader role for the DYNAMICS and each company database)

Select the DYNAMICS database from the dropdown list of databases.

Under the Data Mart connection Information section fill in the SQL Server name hosting the Data Mart database

Use either Windows authentication or provide a SQL Server login for the server hosting the Data Mart database

(the login used must have sysadmin rights to the SQL Server hosting the Data Mart database)

Select the existing datamart database

Click next

If prompted to enter a login to configure change tracking enter a dbo or sysadmin SQL login (recommend to use the DYNSA login)

Click next to rebuild the data mart

Once completed Restart the Services and allow the initial integration to complete.

Troubleshooting hints:

The Integration logs status messages in the ManagementReporter database, the Scheduling.Message table.

To enable verbose logging in the log files, edit the Process Service config file located on the MR Server here:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics ERP\Management Reporter\2.1\Server\Services\MRServiceHost.exe.config

Edit the following line: <add name="Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.TraceLog" value="0"/> Change the value from 0 to 4.

edited line should read: <add name="Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.TraceLog" value="4"/>

Save the changes and then restart the Process Service

The log file can be found in this folder:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Dynamics ERP\Management Reporter\Logs