Key Introductory Information About Microsoft CRM 2011

This page has alot of the key links we use all the time with CRM 2011:

What's new in Microsoft CRM 2011:

Here's another "what's new" page:

Good comparison between Microsoft CRM 2011 online version versus on-premise version:

Microsoft CRM 2011 Server requirements can be found here:

Microsoft CRM 2011 Client requirements can be found here:

MIcrosoft CRM 2011 Implementation Guide:

Download the CRM 2011 SDK:

Customizing CRM 2011:

When you run the CRM 2011 install, you are required to tell CRM which user accounts to run the various CRM services. Here's a Microsoft write-up on the permissions required by these user accounts:

If you run into problems, turn on the trace log in CRM 2011:

Upgrading from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011:

Upgrading customizations: