Run a SQL Server Reporting Services Report From a Web Page

If you have a custom web page, you can run a SSRS report from it using a form post:

<FORM id="frmRender" action="http://crm/reportserver?/Devin Test For Rocky/GL Inquiry" method="post" target="_self">

<INPUT type="hidden" name="rs:Command" value="Render">

<INPUT type="hidden" name="rc:LinkTarget" value="main">

<INPUT type="hidden" name="rs:Format" value="HTML4.0">

<input name="rs:ClearSession" value="true" type="hidden">

<INPUT type="hidden" name="rc:Toolbar" value="True">

<INPUT type="hidden" name="rc:Parameters" value="True">

<INPUT type="hidden" name="test2" value="2017">

<INPUT type="submit" value="Button">


Note that the last 2 hidden inputs enable you to pass a parameter value to a report.