Open a form post in a new window

If you are trying to control how a form post in html looks when the form posts to a new URL, you can use Javacript to control how the form post opens the new window in your browser.
Put this Javascript in your page:
function redirectOutput(myForm) {
var w ='about:blank','Popup_Window','fullscreen=yes, menubar=no, scrollbars=yes'); = 'Popup_Window';
return true;
Note:   there are a lot of options you can use in the code above besides just "fullscreen=yes" etc...
Here's a good webpage that lists all the options: 
In your form, you need to add an "onsubmit" event:
<FORM action="closedloanreport.asp" method=post target='_blank' onsubmit='redirectOutput(this)'>
<INPUT type="submit"  value="Run Report">