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Giving someone access to everything in Dynamics GP but payroll data

Dynamics GP 10 and Dynamics GP 2010 use a role based security scheme.     If you want to modify a role so that someone has access to everything in Dynamics GP but payroll related information, it can be a little tricky.   This knowledgebase article tells you how to properly change someone's security in Dynamics GP so they don't have access to any payroll module data.
Step 1 - Modify an existing security role to remove all access to payroll related tasks.
Go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >  Tools > Setup > System > Security Roles.   Pick the role you are trying to modify and then unclick all of the obvious payroll related tasks.
Step 2 - Take away the "payroll check inquiry" window.
Once you modify the role you are trying to setup to remove all obvious payroll related tasks, the user will still have access to the "payroll check inquiry" window.    If the user has access to this window, the user can see obvious payroll information.   Removing access to this window is a little tricky because there are several financial inquiry tasks that give someone access to this window.    The following security tasks give someone access to this window:
You can verify that by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >  Tools > Setup > System > Security Tasks and selecting one of these tasks.  Then select "windows" and series equal to "Payroll".    Notice the task gives them access to "payroll check inquiry" as well as "Payroll Audit Trail Inquiry".